About Canada Engineering Services
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Canada Engineering Services Inc., offers professional consultations in many areas of Structural Engineering covering the design and rehabilitation of steel, reinforced concrete and timber structures. We utilize state of the art S-Frame structural software designed by Canadians for use against the Canadian building code (S-Frame).

An outline of the major areas of expertise the company has to offer is as follow:

  • Conceptual Studies; Finite Element Analysis; Material Optimization; Earthquake Analysis & Design.
  • The design of hot rolled steel form structures, such as houses, churches, storage buildings, bridges and high-rise buildings.
  • The design of Reinforced Concrete structures for abutments, piers, retaining walls, culverts, bridges, houses and multi-storey residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • The rehabilitation of parking garages, balconies and concrete corroded by age, weathering and salt damage.
  • The design of timber structures for residential houses, offices, storage buildings, bridges and churches.
  • The investigation, evaluation and rehabilitation of steel buildings, such as residential,industrial and commercial buildings and bridges and associated structures.
  • The investigation, evaluation and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete/masonry brick buildings, such as residential, industrial and commercial buildings and associated structures, including balconies, building envelopes and underground parking garages.
  • The Design of cold formed steel structures, such as self storage industrial buildings, residential buildings, and internal walls of commercial buildings.
  • Load Testing and Evaluation of the capacities of unusual steel, reinforced concrete and timber structures.
  • Quality control inspection and testing services for steel, reinforced concrete and timber structures and their rehabilitation.