About Canada Engineering Services

Canada Engineering Services Inc., offers professional consultations in many areas of geotechnical engineering covering a wide spectrum of problems that is usually encountered in normal soil engineering practice.

An outline of the major areas of expertise the company has to offer is as follows:

  • Geotechnical investigations and assessments for earthworks associated with subdivisions, roads and highways, bridge and culvert approach fills and foundations,and earth retaining structures.
  • Foundation design and inspection for shallow as well, as deep foundation systems.
  • Pavement and geometric designs, pavement condition surveys, pavement structural evaluations and pavement failure investigations.
  • Slope stability and instability investigations and evaluations.
  • Design and construction of slide remediation.
  • Design of earth retaining and support systems utilizing geosynthetics, metal reinforcement and innovative techniques and materials.
  • Installation and monitoring of simple and complex instrumentations for short and long term performance of ground and supporting structures.
  • Complete geotechnical investigations and assessments for industrial, commercial, and residential building foundations.
  • Quality control inspection and testing services for earthworks, pavement systems,concrete and building construction.
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