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Profile and Mission

Canada Engineering Services Inc., was first conceived in 1988 as a multi-disciplinary company to provide land developers, property managers, owners, architects, and builders with all requisite engineering services to complete their projects.The founder had the unique advantage of having worked as a professional structural bridge design engineer and then as a consulting geotechnical engineer. The company was initially launched as a geotechnical consulting firm, and subsequently expanded into the relatively new field of environmental engineering a year later and then further expanded into structural engineering and building science services.Because of its unusual combination of providing structural and geotechnical engineering services, the company has become an authority on the design and construction of all aspects of cold form self-storage building designs, using floating slab foundation. The firm continues to specialize in various engineering disciplines.


Our mission is to provide clients with a range of high quality consulting engineering services to assist them in completing their projects in a timely and efficient manner resulting in customer satisfaction.

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