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About Canada Engineering Services's Staff

Our staff consists of a team of specialized professionals enabling us to offer personalized services uniquely tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This allows us to create innovative, practical and cost saving solutions to the resolution of a wide scope of engineering problems.

The senior personnel of the company possesses over a hundred years of collective experience in the following fields:  structural engineering, building science technology; geology; geotechnical, environmental and materials engineering, and contract administration.


Born on a farm in Guyana, South America, Ram soon became aware of his curiosity with the farm equipment and machinery and would figure out how they worked and repair them even in his early teens. Excelling in sciences at college, it was only natural for him to pursue engineering studies at the University of Guyana. On graduation with a Diploma in Civil Engineering, he worked as a project manager for a hydropower access road and later as a bridge design engineer. One of his proud achievements was the design of the ends foundations of a 1.25 mile long floating bridge. He later immigrated to Canada, attended the University of Guyana where he graduated with a B. Sc., in geological engineer in 1980. After practicing geotechnical engineering for many years under some of the most distinguish geotechnical engineers, such as Bill Trow, P. Eng., and Dr. Ken Peaker, P. Eng. Today after 40 years of practicing engineering, he is recognized as a highly skilled engineer who can come up with the most innovation solutions for routine or unique problems.


Mr. Bokhtair has 24 years of experience in the field of structural engineer, fifteen of which has
been with a number of firms in Bangladesh and ten with Canada Engineer Services Inc., where he
is now one of the principal structural engineer of the company.

He graduated from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in1986 and a Masters of Science in Civil Engineer in 1993. His career in structural engineering began in 1986 with the design of reinforced concrete beams and two way floor slabs.

He is a member of Professional Engineers, Ontario.

As the lead structural engineer of Canada Engineering Services Inc., Mr. Bokhtair has been designing Industrial, Commercial and Residential Buildings using Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Timber and Cold Form Steel Design. He has gained considerably experienced in modifing Existing Low Rise Structural Buildings.


Lawrence is a 2001 honours graduate of the University of Toronto with a B. A. Sc., degree in Civil Engineering. He joined Canada Engineering Services Inc. , upon graduation in 2001 and he has been working with Canada Engineering Services Inc, since then.

Lawrence has been responsible for supervising geotechnical field investigations, and Environmental Phases I and II investigations and for recording Records of Site Conditions. His experience over the last 10 years has provided him with a well-rounded education in the various aspects of Geotechnical and Environmental engineering.

In additional to his various environmental functions, Mr. Yu has been equally active in the filed of geotechnical engineer. He has carried out close to a hundred of geotechnical investigations for all kinds of structures, such as residential houses, industrial, institutional and commercial buildings, including the construction of roads and sewers for subdivision developments.

Lawrence is adept at using the computer, being versatile with Word, XL, Borehole log programs, Act data base, Quickbooks and is proficient in using graphical interface programs for report preparations.

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